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About The Writing Flow

Do you long for the joyful woman you once were? Is your once blazing fire of life suffocating under the pressure to perform and the responsibilities of everyday life? Then you've come to the right place!

Welcome on your writing journey!

Imagine if you could take a precious moment just for yourself. Instead of curling up on the sofa, which often brings little to no satisfaction, you would instead do something to consciously feel yourself, to feel creative and alive. You would write to connect with your inner voice and put words, thoughts and feelings that you carry deep within you on paper. And imagine experiencing this with other women, being inspired by their stories and sharing your own.

Hi, I am Stefanie.

My adult life has been a fast-paced journey - from Bachelor's to Master's, PhD and postdoc, all while traveling from one country to another. After more than twenty years abroad, I now live in Austria with my husband and two young children. My love of reading has been with me since childhood, while the joy of writing only blossomed later in my life. This is how it all began...

My dream is to share the wonderful power of creative writing with women all over the world.

My personal turnaround

A few years ago, I was on the verge of buying a plane ticket to escape the overwhelming stress that was consuming my life. For too long, I had put the needs of others before my own. Exhausted and ready to escape, I opted for creative writing workshops instead - one of the best decisions of my life. Writing has grounded, strengthened and revitalized me.

In 2020/2021, I took the next step and completed a writing coach training course at the Writer's Studio in Vienna. My goal is to share the joy and empowerment of intuitive creative writing. My dream? To share the wonderful power of creative writing with women all over the world.

Ja du darfst! Bist du bereit, den ersten Schritt zu machen? 

If you're still wondering if you can allow yourself to take time just for you, I say: Yes! Yes, you can! And you should! Research shows that writing is good for your health. Not only does it relieve stress and reduce emotional tension, but it also improves overall well-being and mental clarity.

Write with me!

In meinen Schreibworkshops, den Writing Flow Circles, lernst du einfache Techniken, die deine Kreativität entfachen und es dir ermöglichen, deine Geschichten zu schreiben und mit anderen zu teilen. Gemeinsam erschaffen wir eine herzliche Gemeinschaft, in der du Raum findest, dich zu entspannen und die Freude zu erleben, deine innere Stimme zum Leben zu erwecken. In meinen Workshops lernst du nicht nur Schreibtechniken, sondern auch Selbstfürsorge. Lass uns zusammen auf die Reise gehen!

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More about me

Hello, I am Stefanie. My full name is Dr. Stefanie Köttl-Brodmann. In this blog article, I explain why my husband and my children also have this double name and why, according to my mother, I should actually have two doctorate titles in my last name 😉.

I have been a writing coach and mentor for intuitive and autobiographical writing since 2021 and support women in particular in my Writing Flow Circles and writing workshops to rediscover their inner voice and rediscover themselves. 

For a long time, I was the embodiment of the motto "Women can have it all!" I studied business administration, economics and political and social sciences in Mannheim (Germany) and Barcelona (Spain). After my doctorate, I worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University in the USA, moved to New York and from there to Washington, DC. I have been working in international development cooperation for 15 years and have been able to get to know many cultures and countries. In 2015 and 2016, my two children were born and I successfully juggled professional challenges and motherhood for years. But inside I was burning out and lost the sparkle in my eyes. My attempt to get everything done was successful, but my strength increasingly dwindled and my passion faded.

For a long time, I felt trapped in a golden cage of pressure to perform and responsibility. In my search for a way out, I found myself on a writing course! Passion Writing! Intuitive creative writing completely changed my life.

On the page, I saw my deep sadness written down and felt guilty: After all, I had a loving relationship, two wonderful children and a great job that I had worked hard for. I had achieved everything, started a family and built a successful career. But without realizing it, over time I had lost my zest for life, my boundless energy, my inner fire. It felt like the life I had built was suffocating my passion. What was I supposed to do? The idea of giving up my dream job and seemingly taking a step backwards as a modern woman seemed like something impossible.

The more I immersed myself in my writing, the more books I read and the more I talked to other women, the clearer it became to me that it wasn't just me. The exhaustion, the doubts, the dissatisfaction are not an isolated, individual problem, nor a luxury problem, but it affects so many of us. It is a structural phenomenon. Our current world is shaped by men and tailored to their needs. In order to fit into this world, we women have learned to become true masters of self-optimization. But deep inside us, hidden beneath the layers of performance and conformity, lies a passion, deeply hidden memories and feelings. We have become so accustomed to putting our own needs aside that we have lost touch with our own authenticity, our true selves.

And then passion writing came into my life. Through writing, I learned to trust myself, to release the deep exhaustion I had accumulated over the years and to rediscover my own strength in life. Is that what you want for yourself?


Dr. Stefanie Brodmann

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