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My month in review-August 2022: Walk, write, eat, repeat

Woman sitting and looking at sea, a notebook in her hand
I love the word eavesdropping. This morning I eavesdropped. Is eavesdropping even a verb? Anyway, this morning I overheard, while walking up the stairs towards the breakfast room of Haus Hirt, that the guests from rooms 32 and 33 will be arriving at noon. Pardon me? We are the guests in room 32 and 33. I know that for sure; I just left my sleeping kids and my husband in rooms 32 and 33 to go upstairs and write my weekly blog about my creative writing adventures. My month in review - August 2022. Suddenly it feels like I only have a few hours left of this wonderful month of mindful walking, creative writing, and eating splendidly. Then the family that is moving into rooms 32 and 33 will be here and take over.

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Table of Contents

Bornholm, my new love

For years I had wanted to visit the Danish island of Bornholm, south of Sweden. I was looking forward to sandy beaches, long bike rides, and great restaurants. And I was expecting the worst, in terms of the weather.

But things turned out differently, as they often do.

The beaches were sandy and wonderful as expected. The first two days the kids and my husband were busy digging one of their infamous sand-canal-systems on the gorgeous Dueodde beach, one of Europe’s best beaches and I was simply enchanted by the fine sand, which is even „singing“ when walking on it.  

But instead of bike rides with the family I  ended up walking, a lot.  

Instead of eating out, we prepared dinner while taking breaks from the sauna.

And instead of rain we had sunshine and 30 degrees Celsius! 

We are definitely coming back!

child digging in the sand on a long sandy beach
Some serious digging underway, no time for breaks
Woman lying on the sand, taking a selfie
I could stay here forever!

Mindful walking and creative writing combo

We had brought our bikes along with us, but ended up walking most of the time instead on the coastal trail around the island, called Kyststi. 

One morning I woke up at 5.30 am and, without a plan, I started walking along the beach, my notebook in my hand. I ended up walking 14 km from Dueodde to Arsedale and wrote a blog about my walk of thoughts.  

Walking and writing is like meditating. I love the movement of my feet and my mind. Thoughts come. I write them down, then they can leave. I am practicing this mindfulness walking and writing combo on one of the most beautiful beaches of the world. 

A few days later I headed out the door by bike, to pick up the trail again in Arsedale. 

Following my recent experiences with mindful walking and writing, my aim was to get a crack at the missing chapters of my book. In my blog on mindful walking and creative writing I show you how you can combine walking and writing to get fresh thoughts on paper.

On August 12, our last day on Bornholm, I took an early morning walk in the other direction of the Kyststi and walked 8 km on the sandy beach before my family joined me for a breakfast-picnic on the beach. It is a blogger tradition to capture the 12th of each month, and you can read the impressions of my walking and writing on this last day of Bornholm here.

Woman sitting on a cliff overlooking the sea, a notebook for creative writing in her hand
Coming up with fresh ideas for my book
women's walking boots from above, and notebook for creative writing in a belt
My notebook always at hand
Woman sitting on a bench, typing her notes into an iPad
From handwritten notes to digital blog, while the kids are getting dressed
Bare feet and a notebook for creative writing on the sandy beach, sea in background
My notebook and I are enjoying our last minutes on the beach

And eat they do: Dr. K and Mrs. B, PhD

For the longest time my husband was known as the Lamb-man. We were colleagues having a coffee when I told him about the party I had planned for my 31st birthday and he asked if he should help me with the cooking. Cooking?! Food??! I had completely forgotten to think about what I would offer my guests. He came, made a lamb, and we have been together since. 

Eating (out) and (him) cooking is part of our DNA as a couple. We kicked off our culinary month of August by my husband preparing his own birthday dinner (tuna with rice and peas) and being rewarded by the kids drawing him lots of presents 🎁

I could easily write a food blog about my husband’s culinary creations. Funnily enough, during our first year of marriage, when we lived in Washington, DC and went out for dinner every night after work on our beloved 14th Street, we joked about writing a joint blog about restaurants. The name of our imaginary blog: Dr. K and Mrs. B, PhD. 🫶🥕

Grilled fish on a plate
Are you looking at me, kid?

Here we go again: Walk, write and eat high above sea level

After five wonderful weeks in Denmark we returned home to  Austria just to take off again to a trip to the mountains with the kids‘ paternal grandparents.  

Haus Hirt in Bad Gastein. We had planned to come here on our honeymoon but didn’t due to too much dancing at the wedding reception 🥳

Instead, we have been coming here every August for the past 3 years. This wonderful place is not a secret anymore since our favorite weekly, Die Zeit, wrote an article about Haus Hirt last year. But we love it and used the three days with the grandparents to stretch our legs and writing fingers and get ready for our week of hiking. Alone, without kids. For the first time in eight years. 

Tonight at dinner we will order a bottle of Freyheit 🍾

Family walking on green grass, mountains and blue sky in background
Gorgeous mountains around Bad Gastein
Woman sitting and overlooking a mountain lake
Staring into water, getting into the flow
Mushrooms on a plate, cooked
Out of this world delicious: Fresh porcini from the mountain we climbed up yesterday

Preview September 2022

Woman with sunglasses taking a selfie in the mountains

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