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My month in review-July 2022: The Writing Flow goes live

Table with a lot of veggies
What a terrific month! I am so excited that I finally launched my creative writing passion project: The Writing Flow. And I am particularly happy that I got to celebrate with so many great friends! More celebrations towards the end of the month: celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary with family in Denmark and to top it off: at Noma in Copenhagen!

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Table of Contents

I launched my passion project: The Writing Flow

Party! Summer! Friends! Launch! Party!

It was high time for a garden party! We moved to Schwanenstadt (my still fairly  new home town in Upper Austria) over two years ago and haven’t had a real party yet – other than kids‘ birthday parties 😉 

So we invited old and new friends to our lovely garden for a get-together. What a great way to share my passion for teaching creative writing with the world! Thanks again to my friends for showering me with love and thoughtful gifts!

A few days later I got to gather in front of the screen with friends from around the world, from Texas over Washington, DC to Germany and Austria to celebrate with me!

If you weren’t part of the celebrations, watch the video to see my launch message here.

So now, The Writing Flow is a reality, it has a beautiful website and I am so grateful to the talented women who made the website a reality: Petra Berger (website), Romana Maalouf (pictures), and Valerie Merl (Logo).

People sitting on benches, celebrating in a garden
Launch garden party with friends in Schwanenstadt
Woman in blue dress
Click here to watch my launch message

Planning my creative writing workshops for the fall

I have started planning for my creative writing workshops this fall. They will take place in English and in German, online and in person.

Especially after two years of pandemic, I am thrilled that I can offer my creative writing workshops in beautiful locations, where we can gather around a big table and hear each others’ pens scraping on the page…

And my favorite place of all is Traunkirchen at Lake Traunsee in Upper Austria. This is where my husband and I got married, this is my happy place.

I met with the owner of the hotel Das Traunsee to discuss options for my workshop and we nailed down fthe details.

Between September 30 and October 2, I am offering my first fun creative writing workshop in Traunkirchen. We will be writing in a beautiful room in the cloister, overlooking the Traunsee.

I intentionally organized the workshop times such that there is ample time to enjoy the beautiful area. 

A huge shout out to Ulli, the awesome lady who was the first to sign up! See you in Traunkirchen my dear!

Selfie in front of Lake Traunsee and mountain Traunstein
Happy after nailing down the details of my writing workshop in Traunkirchen

Walking along the cliffs of my childhood

 To me, creative writing is like leaving the house at 6 am on your first day of summer vacation in anticipation of what the day may bring. It took us two days to arrive on Enø, the tiny island about an hour south of Copenhagen where I used to spend almost all my childhood holidays. 

After spending one night in Potsdam, Berlin, we took the ferry from Rostock to Gedser, Denmark. The next morning, on July 12, I did my first „12 von 12“ – 12 pictures on the 12th of the month (in German).  

In the two and a half weeks since our arrival I have been doing a bit of writing, some reading (Untamed by Glennon Doyle and Let me tell you what I mean by Joan Didion), and I walked a lot forth and back on the cliffs where I used to take walks with my parents, my sisters and our dog.

It took me two weeks to work up the courage to take a swim early in the morning! Impressive how quickly the creative juices begin to swirl in cold water. This lovely island isn’t the warmest of all places, but that is precisely why we are here! 

On my daily walk along the cliffs
words written in a journal by a child, view of the sea
Dalia always wanting to "help me write"
Selfie of a woman by the seaside
I finally did it! I took a swim at 7.30 am

A dream comes through: A table at Noma

11 years ago, Johannes conquered my heart by preparing a leg of lamb on my birthday. Cooking and enjoying food has been a common theme throughout our relationship.

This July we celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary, and two days later we were aboard the train to Copenhagen. Two years ago we had already managed to book a table at the infamous restaurant Noma – but of course we couldn’t go due to the pandemic.

This time we managed to get a table for 3 – and our dear friend Caroline flew in from Doha to join us for the ride: Vegetable season at Noma. What can I say? I have eaten damn well in my life, but never experienced anything like this. Cheers to creativity, veggies and dear friends!

2 woman and a man in front of the Noma sign
Noma - here we are!
Table with a lot of veggies
Outlook on the menu
Woman biting into a flower at Noma restaurant
A flowery first course - of 16!

Preview August 2022

  • Soon enough we will be saying good-bye to Enø and make our way to Sweden to catch the ferry to Bornholm, an island where we will focus entirely on riding our bikes and building sandcastles.
  • After two and a half weeks in Denmark the kids are done eating fish and are longing for their Austrian grandma’s food. Once we are back in Austria in mid-August we will take the grandparents to a mountain retreat, and perhaps Johannes and I will stay on for some serious mountain hiking. I am more than halfway through my unpaid leave, but summer is only starting 🌞
Sunset over the Baltic Sea

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