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writing technique

writing technique

The artist child in you

Eventually there comes a point in every mother’s life when mother-daughter history repeats itself: My aha-moment came last year around the time my daughter was turning 6-years old. She would spill a glass of milk on the table and run away in tears, hiding under a blanket, sobbing as if the neighbor’s red-haired cat had died. She would accidentally hit her brother in play – same reaction.

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writing technique

My 10 best tips on how to create a consistent writing routine

It is September 8 and today I am starting my 30/30 book writing challenge!

30 days, 30 minutes a day. That sounds doable, doesn’t it? I have announced this challenge in my previous blog, the “If I had time off, I would write a book” lie and a couple of awesome ladies responded by announcing their own writing project they will tackle alongside me in those 30 days.

And this is basically already my first tip for creating and sticking to a creative writing routine.

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The “If I had time off I would write a book” lie

I have a confession to make: I am not writing every day. I am writing a lot (hello, have you seen all the blog articles I have written since I started out less than 3 months ago?!) But I am not writing every day and I am certainly not writing my book every day. The non-fiction kind of memoir book that I wanted to write and complete (!) during my sabbatical. I have fallen deep into the “if I had time off I would write a book” lie.

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