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With simple writing exercises and a warm community, uncover your deepest thoughts, hidden memories, and unspoken desires.

Writing Workshops

Pause your hectic routine, connect to your true self, and get clarity on what you truly want for yourself.

Feel-good moment writing workshop

September & October 2022

Fun writing workshop in Traunkirchen

September 30 – October 2, 2022

Feel-good moment Schreibworkshop

Oktober & November 2022 (Deutsch)

Starter Guide: How to get started with Freewriting so you can discover your true self

I know from my own experience that working-women, and in particular moms, don’t spend enough time nurturing their own minds and souls. We tend to prioritize everyone else’s need above our own. I am so glad that you are willing to say Stop! Take a deep breath and get ready for this wonderful experience. I have prepared this Starter Guide to Freewriting for YOU to begin to understand the wealth of thoughts, feelings, memories and desires that are hiding deep inside of you, and that are just waiting to be unleashed onto paper and into this world!

Enjoy my latest inspiration, including tips and techniques that can help you discover your unique writingflow and voice to help you nurturing your mind and body.

Who is behind the Writing Flow?

Hello, my name is Stefanie. I am an economist turned writing coach who can relate to women’s need for voice and self-care. Growing up in a bilingual household, I have lived abroad for more than half of my life, and I used to travel extensively for work while raising a family with my husband. Writing changed my life, it offers me a space to release stress and find fulfillment beyond my job. My dream is to share the major health benefits of writing with women around the world with hectic lives and very little time for themselves.