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Ideas of Topics for Speaking Engagement and Interviews

Sample of Stefanie’s interviews

Sample of Stefanie’s experience

Creative writing workshops in Schwanenstadt, Austria, 2021

About Dr. Stefanie Koettl-Brodmann

Stefanie is an economist turned writing coach who can relate to women’s need for voice and self-care.

Growing up in a bilingual household, she lived abroad for more than half of her life, and used to travel extensively for work while raising a family with her husband. Creative writing changed Stefanie’s life, it offered her a space to release stress and find fulfillment beyond her job. Stefanie’s dream is to share the major health benefits of writing with women around the world who are leading hectic lives and very little time for themselves.

Stefanie studied in her native Germany and in Spain before moving to the US in 2007 and to Austria in 2014. Languages: German (native), Danish (native), English (fluent), Spanish (fluent), French (intermediate).

Certifications and publications

Stefanie has completed the writing coaching program at the Writer’s Studio in Vienna. She has published in several academic journals (Journal of Income Distribution, International Migration, World Development and the European Sociological Review) as well as blogs, e.g., at Brookings Institution.


Stefanie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, a Master of Science in Economics, and a Doctorate in Political and Social Sciences. She was a visiting student at Harvard University and a Research Associate at Princeton University before joining the an International Organization in 2009.


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Dr. Stefanie Koettl-Brodmann