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walk & write

Walk and write: Memories of the Via Francigena

Recently I have been experimenting with mindfulness techniques other than journaling: meditation and mindful walking.
Very early on during my 6-month unpaid leave – in weeks 2 and 3 in fact – I walked on a long-distance trail called the Via Francigena that runs all the way from Canterbury, UK to Rome, Italy. I had learned about this trail several years back when I was sitting on a plane on a business trip. Back then the only mindful moment in my life was reading through those self-care magazines I used to buy at the airport before boarding.

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writing prompt

The princess dress of my memories

“Mommy, what did you say when the priest asked if you wanted to marry Daddy?”, my 6-year-old asked over dinner. She was unusually chatty this evening. “Well, I said yes.” Surprise, surprise! I said yes in a church because I wanted that white dress. A spectacular white dress.

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Dr. Stefanie Koettl-Brodmann