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my month in review

Woman sitting and looking at sea, a notebook in her hand
my month in review

My month in review-August 2022: Walk, write, eat, repeat

I love the word eavesdropping. This morning I eavesdropped. Is eavesdropping even a verb? Anyway, this morning I overheard, while walking up the stairs towards the breakfast room of Haus Hirt, that the guests from rooms 32 and 33 will be arriving at noon. Pardon me? We are the guests in room 32 and 33. I know that for sure; I just left my sleeping kids and my husband in rooms 32 and 33 to go upstairs and write my weekly blog about my creative writing adventures. My month in review – August 2022. Suddenly it feels like I only have a few hours left of this wonderful month of mindful walking, creative writing, and eating splendidly. Then the family that is moving into rooms 32 and 33 will be here and take over.

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Table with a lot of veggies
my month in review

My month in review-July 2022: The Writing Flow goes live

What a terrific month! I am so excited that I finally launched my creative writing passion project: The Writing Flow. And I am particularly happy that I got to celebrate with so many great friends! More celebrations towards the end of the month: celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary with family in Denmark and to top it off: at Noma in Copenhagen!

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Mutter mit 2 Kindern

My month in review – June 2022: Blogging is my new passion

After spending the first two month of my sabbatical recharging my batteries, I worked and played hard in June. I started blogging and published two blog articles on creative writing and two articles on gender equality and tips for working moms (in German). The reactions and messages following the publication of these articles were simply heartwarming and overwhelming!

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