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12 of 12 July 2023

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Exactly one year ago I blogged my first blog article in the 12 of 12 format: 12 of 12 in July 2022. At that time I wrote: Finally we are here, on Enö, a tiny island in Denmark, south-west of Copenhagen. In my childhood we spent every vacation here on this small island. 2 years ago my parents said goodbye to Germany and moved here. We are going to spend 3 weeks here. A year later, and I am writing almost exactly the same words!

Hello, may I introduce: Mermaid Stefanie 🧜‍♀️ Today it rained half the day in torrents, a perfect day to keep the promise of the grandparents: To choose what the child's heart wants in the toy store.
Throughout my childhood, we spent every vacation in Denmark. The highlight was the visit to BR Toys and my sisters and I each got to pick out a toy. Today, this tradition has passed to my children (that is to say, I went empty 😉
And more gifts still: A brand new swing from grandma and grandpa for their grandchildren.
While the kids swing and build Legos, I spend time alone on the beach. Yummy!!
The place of my childhood: the small harbor of the island of Enö.
The grasshopper bridge goes up once an hour and lets the sailing ships through.
The blue flag stands for clean water. After the rain, the waves beat high.
This year there are unusually many algae on the beach.
I love the wind and the smell of the sea!
My husband comes to meet me over the cliffs.
There he is.
The end of a great day: Pasta with seafood with grandma and grandpa at our summer house.

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