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Frau sitzt am Fluss und schreibt
In review

My month in review: June 2023

I’m starting my 2nd year as a blogger and creative writing mentor. Like last year in June, it’s time for a monthly review, because in June I had a lot going on again in terms of writing!

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writing with kids

Creative writing at ‘Bring your kid to work day’

Today was ‘Bring your kids to work’ day at the World Bank office in Vienna.

A room full of kids and their parents, watching a sequence of short videos the parents had prepared of their kids, asking them:  “What does your dad do? What does your mom do”?

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coaching creative writing

Why write? 80 and more reasons

Do you write? I have always loved to read, but my passion for writing came later in life. Here are 80 and more reasons why you might consider taking up a pen and write!

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A bird flew into the window, and now my sister is dead

Why didn’t I see it before? Why didn’t I notice?! This greyish stain on the large kitchen window – more like a glass front from kitchen to dining room. The stain is a little higher than eye level, I see it when I’m doing the dishes. Now I wonder how many days it has been there. I have seen it but not really noticed it. I can’t even tell how many days it has been there.

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working mom

Blogparade: Working Mom – Where do you draw your strength from?

From my own experience as a working mom, I know that we often don’t take enough time for ourselves. We are there for everyone, listen, give advice, think five steps ahead and two steps back, meet colleagues and clients, are technically skilled and (usually) well dressed. How does she do it? we ask ourselves. Well, how do YOU do it?!!!

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writing technique

The artist child in you

Eventually there comes a point in every mother’s life when mother-daughter history repeats itself: My aha-moment came last year around the time my daughter was turning 6-years old. She would spill a glass of milk on the table and run away in tears, hiding under a blanket, sobbing as if the neighbor’s red-haired cat had died. She would accidentally hit her brother in play – same reaction.

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creative writing basics

A woman’s right to morning pages

One morning I listened to the podcast of my friend Amel, an amazing entrepreneur and coach. She was talking about “how to break the glass ceiling without being broken”, a talk she was invited to give at the New York Local UN Spouse Association. She makes the point that women take on too much mental load, which crowds out their energy to spend on themselves.

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